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Sunday, May 28, 2006


Theres a guy i rele like but he likes a girl who jst is plain mean 2 him. she wnt out wit him as a joke&dump him 2 hours aftr they wer goin out. thn he askd hr 2 the dance, she said yes. thn she held hands wit hr ex-bf rite infront of him. he dumpd. thn wnt back 2 hr. thn she dumpd him&dancd wit hr ex again. he still likes hr! its makn me sad&poe'd. pleez help me! i dont know wat 2 do. shud i tell him how i feel. he used 2 like me, but thn he stopd, i wuz gonna say yes wen hes wuz gunna ask me out. post sumthn 2 help me!